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When you sign up as a CM Advisor, you'll have the opportunity to earn discounts/profits on your purchases/sales of CM products, as well as commissions on sales of Advisors who sign under you. There is a fee (currently set at $49.00) which Advisors must pay when signing up as an Advisors, and annually thereafter, to cover the ongoing cost of producing and maintaining the Sales Tools.  This is the only mandatory amount payable to join as an Advisor.  Upon payment of the Annual Fee, you will be provided with a link to set up your Advisor Account.  Once you activate your account, you'll have access to the Advisor Tools which include custom links and banners you can post on your website, your Facebook page, send via email or share any way you wish.  When a visitor follows your link and makes a purchase, we'll keep track and you'll earn a percentage (Retail Profit) of the sale.  People can also follow your link to sign up as an Advisor under you.

You can purchase these products at wholesale pricing (approximately 30% discount) by joining as a distributor for only $25.  Yes, the $25 is a one-time fee and there are no minimum order requirements.   Here is a link to an 8 minute video that explains the new Our Memories for life products: http://youtu.be/z2EUtsHLWDI

Once you have reviewed the information, I would be happy to schedule a phone appointment with you. Whether you want products just for yourself or if you are interested in having a team, either option is available to you by visiting my website at www.heritagemakers.com/vickid.  There is a "Join my team" button near my photo towards the bottom left of the page. I would be pleased to have you join me as a distributor. (Again, there are no ordering requirements and you can still purchase at wholesale).